March 25th, 2009


Notes on unlocking Akuma in SFIV.

The standard advice about setting the game to easiest and one round is correct. The trick with just walking forward and/or hitting hard kick works for pretty much everyone... until you get to Seth. It seems to work particularly well for Crimson Viper since her forward and roundhouse is an armor-breaking two hitter.

For some reason, the fight against Seth using Ryu was way harder than I expected, and way harder than with any of the other characters. Very strange. The most annoying thing about Seth is how he seems to ignore his vulnerable period when he's coming back down out of the air (either from a jump or DP).

Least effort to beat Seth? Bison, no question. At the beginning of the round, jump straight up and then immediately slide-sweep. When he starts to get up, jump backwards and slide-sweep again. Repeat until he's toast. This works obscenely well on just about everyone, in fact - at least on easiest. Also, I used Bison as the final character to beat Akuma and thus unlock him. I recommend this approach.

Crimson Viper and Abel both turned out to be more fun than I expected. I'll have to look into them more. I had mistaken Viper for a charge character, but she's not.

Interesting question: Who/what is Seth? When Abel beats Seth, his winning speech says something that I also noticed: Seth has Abel's face. Sakura's ending hints that there's more than one Seth. Bison's ending explicitly shows multiple copies. Crimson Viper's ending implies that there are 27 copies of Seth (the one she just beat, plus 26 more.) It's all rather sci-fi, for a Street Fighter game.

Funniest thing in the game so far - When Sakura beats Sagat, her winning speech is: "I totally understand your obsession with Ryu. Isn't he a dreamboat?" ;D

It's the return of the C-64 - a whole computer in a keyboard.

The need for a keyboard has always been the achille's heel of portable computing. My personal choice for best solution to that problem is the virtual laser keyboard. But this is not a bad solution either. If you have to have the weight and bulk of a keyboard, why not put the whole computer inside it? Combine this with a good pair of video glasses, and you'd have something close to a decent portable computer.

commodore 64 - Take 2
It appears we have finally gone full circle.
My only complaint is the Atom processor...

I know, it's just not the same without a 6510.

I demand a cassette deck.

And Jumpman.

And my childhood. Also Susan in the 6th grade. I need to ask her out.

Why don't you have a seat over there...

AMD Phenom x3 hits 6.0 GHz.

It's pathetic that clock speeds are stuck at 3 GHz for most CPUs. I realize we're beginning to get to the point of diminishing returns with clock speed and all, but seriously people, if some bunch of amateurs can overclock these chips to 6 GHz...

With smaller cores, we should be able to advance clock speed even faster. Other than heat, the major reason we can't keep clocking our CPUs faster and faster is because of clock skew during long-distance clock pulse distribution. When every core generates its own clock, the signals go way shorter distances, and we should be able to have inexpensive 5 GHz CPUs all day long.

Carmack on porting Wolfenstein 3D to the iPhone.

Using the iPhone's hardware 3D acceleration was a requirement, and it should be easy -- when I did the second generation mobile renderer (written originally in java) it was layered on top of a class I named TinyGL that did the transform / clip / rasterize operations fairly close to OpenGL semantics, but in fixed point and with both horizontal and vertical rasterization options for perspective correction. The developers came back and said it would take two months and exceed their budget.

Rather than having a big confrontation over the issue, I told them to just send the project to me and I would do it myself. Cass Everitt had been doing some personal work on the iPhone, so he helped me get everything set up for local iPhone development here, which is a lot more tortuous than you would expect from an Apple product. As usual, my off the cuff estimate of "Two days!" was optimistic, but I did get it done in four, and the game is definitely more pleasant at 8x the frame rate. And I had fun doing it.