March 27th, 2009


Friday Flash Fun: Let's make some microchips!

Конструктор: Engineer of the People (direct link to game on author's site.)

In which you are an engineer working in a top-secret semiconductor facility called H3, designing top-secret integrated circuits based on specifications provided to you. Be sure to watch the in-game tutorial video.

Nitpick: Putting one layer of P on top of one layer of N makes a diode, not a transistor. :P

Tip: There are "pause" and "play" buttons in the upper-right of the tutorial window.

Pro-Tip: Make your transistors, lay down metal, make the vias, THEN copy into the "Snippets". You'll save a whole lotta work.

First Year College EE Tip: Remember, NPNs are switches that connect when the input is high. PNPs are switches that connect when the input is low.