March 29th, 2009


Further observations on SFIV.

This game is one big corner-trap fest. Why? Because throwing is so slow and has such lousy range, and because the amount of knock-back from blocked hits is so high. Rufus is a great example. Once he gets you in the corner, he can spam tornados all day long, and you'll chip to death without any chance of effective retaliation. There really needs to be an EX throw. Do the correct button press, and your throw comes out three times quicker and uses one or two bars of EX gauge.

The game is very, very quick. Or maybe it just feels that way to me, playing against the computer on Hard. The AI is just a cheating son of a bitch, through and through. My favorite recent example was, I was sweeping Blanka on his way down from a jump. He focus countered my sweep. YOU CAN'T FOCUS IN THE AIR! You can also tell that the machine is reading your controller and pulling single-frame supers and ultras all the time. (If you manage to block one, too bad - you'll be pushed back so far back that you're not going to be able to punish them for it.) The instant, psychic tech-counters for your throws are annoying as hell too. The only thing I like about the AI is that it just stands there about 70% of the time when you do a raging demon.

Trying to play with a stock 360 controller is pathetic. The d-pad is so tweaky that it tends to register any backwards movement as either back-up or back-down. The analog stick has such huge travel that doing half-circle moves takes so long, even the slow characters can jump in and combo you before you finish a HCB motion. I don't believe it's possible to be competitive in this game without an arcade stick. You simply cannot pull off moves quickly enough.

The robots of Shigeo Hirose.

Keep watching, they get better as you go. The last few are definitely the best. I once heard someone say, "You know it's a good robot if it's creepy." Hopefully at least one of Hirose's robots will creep you out.

(via triggur)