April 9th, 2009

Trajedy... for YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

Troops still in Iraq, not coming home any time soon? Check. bin Laden still at large? Check.

The fact that Keith Olbermann, an intense Obama supporter, spent the first ten minutes of his show attacking Obama for replicating (and, in this instance, actually surpassing) some of the worst Bush/Cheney abuses of executive power and secrecy claims reflects just how extreme is the conduct of the Obama DOJ here. Just as revealingly, the top recommended Kos diary today (voted by the compulsively pro-Obama Kos readership) is one devoted to attacking Obama for his embrace of Bush/Cheney secrecy and immunity doctrines. Also, a front page Daily Kos post yesterday by McJoan vehemently criticizing Obama (and quoting my criticisms at length) sparked near universal condemnation of Obama in the hundreds of comments that followed. Additionally, my post on Monday spawned vehement objections to what Obama is doing in this area from the largest tech/privacy sites, such as Boing Boing and Slashdot.

This is quite encouraging but should not be surprising. As much as anything else, what fueled the extreme hostility towards the Bush/Cheney administration were their imperious and radical efforts to place themselves behind an impenetrable wall of secrecy and above and beyond the rule of law. It would require a virtually pathological level of tribal loyalty and monumental intellectual dishonesty not to object just as vehemently as we watch the Obama DOJ repeatedly invoke these very same theories and, in this instance, actually invent a new one that not even the Bush administration espoused.

To be clear: there are important areas in which Obama has been quite commendable, and I've personally praised him fairly lavishly for those actions. But it is simply unacceptable - no matter what else is true about him - for Obama to claim for himself the very legal immunity and secrecy powers which characterized and enabled the worst excesses of Bush lawlessness. Yet in a short period of time, he has taken one step after the next to do exactly that.


Obama has pretty much sold out in every way that makes a damn bit of difference. He may have darker skin, but Obama is pretty much turning out to be Dubya-lite.

And no, it's not too early to be saying these things. Consider: What was to stop Obama from, on the day he was inaugurated, bringing the troops home? Either he is commander in chief or he isn't, folks. And lest you forget, Obama was inaugurated almost three months ago. What could possibly have kept him from doing what we all know is the right thing? Oh, I know - maybe he was too busy handing out billions in executive bonuses to AIG!

If you're worried about someone maintaining order in Iraq, that's what the UN is for. There is - as before - no reason for us to be there. But every day, Obama makes a conscious decision to keep the troops there. Why? Seems to me we have the same choices to answer that question as we had with Dubya: A) he's stupid, B) he's evil.

Nothing has changed. Nothing has gotten better. It's the same bullshit in a different colored skin. And what exactly did you expect, you stupid sheeple? Obama is a politician, just like Dubya. And the same morons (Pelosi, Reid) who for the last two years have capitulated to the NeoCons at every possible opportunity, still control the House and Senate. Meet the new boss; same as the old boss.

All Obama needed in this picture was a flight-suit, and he would have been completely indistinguishable from Dubya.
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FOX haet Joss: last episode of Dollhouse cancelled.

"Dollhouse" has been officially canned, and in a bad way. FOX isn’t even allowing the show to complete it’s run, and is instead stopping it at episode 12, "Omega," listing it as the season finale.


That page is exaggerating. What's been canceled is the last (13th) episode of Dollhouse. It's not clear yet if the whole show is off the air or not. Still, this doesn't look good.

Maybe the the DVD can be boxed with Firefly, and include a special feature of Echo and River Tam beating up Fox executives for 45 minutes.


Those of you who know me personally, know I don't have a lot of love for Dollhouse. I thought the first several episodes just weren't very good, and the overall plot of the show just didn't grab me.

But even I feel bad about this. Fox just seems to go out of their way to shit on Joss at every possible opportunity. They did the same thing to Dollhouse they did to Firefly: put it in a crap time-slot; show the worst episodes first; cancel it before it even really got going; etc.

Joss, for his part, seems to be acting like a beaten wife. "Oh, I'll go back to Fox. Fox won't beat me again. They've changed! They're different this time!" (/straight to hell)

Finding java.exe when it's not in the Path; setting the Path so DLL loading works right.

@echo off

REM Maybe we'll have it easy, and java will be in the path already. Find the
REM first java.exe in the Path, and use its dir as JREBIN if possible.
REM The "for" command's "magic tilde" syntax is used to get the 8.3 name for
REM all dirs in path - stupid "if exist" command screws up on dir names with
REM spaces. (Endless thanks to Dave Webb @ Orb Data for this trick.)

for %%J in (java.exe) do  if exist %%~sf$PATH:J  set JAVAEXE=%%~sf$PATH:J

if not "%JAVAEXE%" == ""  for %%F in (%JAVAEXE%) do  set JREBIN=%%~dpF


if not "%JREBIN%" == "" goto setpath

REM Ok, go through the directories (/d) in the Program Files folder(s),
REM looking for something that looks like a Java install...
REM The "if exist" command is also too stupid to be able to check for the
REM existence of a directory by direct inspection, so use the "if exist
REM dirname\nul" trick to indirectly check for existence of a dir by looking
REM for the DOS "nul" device file inside it.

for /d %%A in ("%ProgramFiles%\Java" "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Java") do  if exist %%~sfA\nul  set JHOME=%%~sfA

REM echo.

REM Now look through JHOME and find the highest-version jreX dir.

for /d %%B in (%JHOME%\jre*) do  if exist %%~sfB\bin\java.exe  set JREBIN=%%~sfB\bin

set JHOME=

REM echo.

REM Under XP, "Path" is not the same as "PATH". If you set "Path", the changes
REM will also go into "PATH". But if you change "PATH", "Path" won't change.
REM Now guess which one the Windows .DLL loader uses, and which it doesn't?

set Path=%Path%;%JREBIN%

REM echo.
REM echo Path = %Path%

REM At freakin' last...

%JREBIN%\javaw.exe etc etc

It took me a full day to figure out how to make that all work, and debug all the really obnoxious "fail silently and screw you over without telling you anything's gone wrong" gotcha in it. DOS batch language has improved, but not to the point I enjoy writing code in it. :P (Did you know that in "SET VAR=value" in DOS batch, whitespace matters? If you do "SET VAR =value", you're setting a variable with the name "VAR(space)". Try and diagnose THAT one! And that's only the first of 20 gotchas that will screw you over if you write batch files.)

Yes, I'm aware that you can System.getProperty("java.home") in Java. Remind me again how that helps me set the Path to the proper location of the required DLLs before JVM startup, so that the Windows dynamic link loader will actually load the correct DLLs? No, you can't set the Path after you're already inside the JVM; Java doesn't have a mechanism to do that. Not that it would matter anyway - by the time the JVM is running, the Windows dynamic link loader has already found all the required DLLs (or not), so changing the Path after the JVM was loaded wouldn't make any difference anyway.

What's that you say? I should run one Java program and load up the entire JVM just to read a single property, and then shut that JVM down, set Path, and immediately start up whole another JVM with my real code? Thanks for that useful advice! Maybe I could also unlock the trunk of my car, crawl through the passenger compartment on my belly, and unlock the driver's side door that way, instead of using the key. Yeah.

As usual - every. single. stupid. little. bullshit. thing. in this project has been like pulling teeth. I suppose I'm naive to think that finding java.exe and setting the DLL path correctly should have been any different.

I can only hope that, going forward, someone else will be spared the pain and annoyance I went through. I hope my batch file works for ya.

Google-bait: Java JVM JNI DLL Path JAVA_HOME find java java.exe JRE

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