April 11th, 2009


The Mythbusters "compact Compact" rocket-sled footage goes up on YouTube.


I think the most interesting part of this video is that the sled is moving so fast that the back of the car doesn't even know it's being hit until the sled is already there. The shockwave can't propagate through the car fast enough. Basically, the car doesn't even move backwards as a whole before it's destroyed.

I like the part where the red paint vaporized/decoupled from the car body and formed a red arc above where the car used to be.


I tell you what I like; If you look at about 3:06-3:10 in the video, you can see the sled going by the zebra-stripe board that's behind it. (They use the board to help measure distance as they count frames from the high-speed camera, and then they can do math to get the speeds of various things.)

As the sled goes by the board, its aerodynamic wake TEARS THE STRIPES PARTIALLY OFF THE BOARD.

That thing has so much energy, its slip-stream is casually tearing paint off wood!