April 12th, 2009


Economic and Social Collapse: Lessons from Argentina

Around 2001, the economy of Argentina hit the shitter in a way that conspiracy theorists in the USA can only have wet dreams about. The ensuing breakdown of the social system that followed was not pretty. To this this day, ransom kidnappings and random shootings remain common, especially so in the worst areas of the big cities.

Someone who lived through the whole thing, and still lives there now, started blogging about his experiences. This is a guy who has lived through everything the survivalists are telling you to prepare for. And his advice about what to do, well, it may surprise some people. He does encourage people to get guns for self protection, but after that... the surprises start. Here are a couple of relevant and interesting entries I found:



I found this out because someone posted the blog URL in a comment to an AskReddit story about "What do I do if my country's economy crashes". (One of the more interesting replies to the question was from someone who lived through the US's invasion of Panama '89, to get Noriega.)

Incidentally - Am I worried about the American economy? Not particularly. To quote the guy who I didn't vote for, it seems to me that the fundamentals of the American are strong. A relatively small percentage of Wall Street fatcats got caught red-handed fucking over each other and some of us, and the ensuing ripples made a lot of people scared for a while. But I feel like if we were going to see a massive collapse, we'd have seen it by now. And frankly, that disappoints me. I wanted to see housing prices go back to something actually reasonable - especially in massively overheated markets like Boulder and California. Now that'll never happen.

Even if we actually are in for something as bad as the Great Depression, I don't think things will get as bad here as they are in Argentina. They didn't during the Great Depression, and I don't think they will again. I have nothing to base that on other than my own random feelings, of course. And hell, since I hope to be out of here in the next 18 months anyway, I guess it doesn't really matter. But - famous last words - I don't see it happening here.