April 23rd, 2009


Syndicating Grant's tweets to LJ - any paid user wanna?

Any chance there's a paid user out there who wants to make a syndicated account out of Grant's twitter, so we can put his tweets on our LJ friends page?

The URL for his tweet RSS feed is: http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/28521141.rss (or if you can find a better one, that's cool too).

If you make one, will you leave a comment on this post with the name of the syndicated account, so everyone who sees this can share the love?


So, if you really want to see Grant's tweets in real-time, one tweet per lj post, go ahead and subscribe to grantimaharatwt. Thank you for creating that feed, osmium_ocelot.

However, it is awfully spammy. There's a better way. LoudTwitter is a service that allows a full day's worth of tweets to be posted to a blog account in a single post. I have created grantimahara_lt and set up LoudTwitter to post a daily compilation of the grantimahara twitter account there, every evening at 8pm California time.

grantimahara_lt is not owned by, approved by, or affiliated with: Grant, the Mythbusters, Beyond Productions, or The Discovery Channel.

If any of the above wish to delete the LoudTwitter feed or want to take over ownership of it, please post a comment to this (mackys) LJ's most recent entry, and include an email address where I can contact you, so I may turn over the account's credentials.