May 14th, 2009

Trajedy... for YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

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America needs to grow up fast. There is no place for hiding our heads in the sand. There is no place for looking the other way. There is no way to move forward if we leave this crime against humanity un-punished behind us. To do so is criminally negligent, and it guarantees two things. It guarantees that we will torture again, and it guarantees that we will go to war needlessly and without evidence again.

Right the first time! We will torture again, and we will again invade an innocent country without credible evidence! That is the country that we live in, folks.

(fist in the air) USA!! USA!!

Oh, whoops - sorry. Did I wake anyone on the f-list from their comfortable sleep? Had you forgotten what we did (what we have pictures and videotape of!) at Abu Ghraib? Sorry! I know you don't like to be reminded of the uncomfortable truth of what your country is really like. I know you don't want to think about the actions taken by the people who you elected... twice! The people who you ARE going to now let walk away with no penalty after they started a false war, and tortured and murdered innocent people. Sorry. I'll shut up now, and let you forget all about it again. You can go back to your blissfully ignorant life, never having to worry your cute little head about issues like justice and human rights. (I mean after all, those people had brown skin. So really, what do we care about them?)

Charlie Stross on the (far) future of video gaming.

So, let's look ahead to 2030. We can confidently predict that by then, computer games will have been around for nearly sixty years; anyone under eighty will have grown up with them. The median age of players may well be the same as the median age of the general population. And this will bring its own challenges to game designers. Sixty year olds have different needs and interests from twitchy-fingered adolescents. For one thing, their eyesight and hand-eye coordination isn't what it used to be. For another, their socialization is better, and they're a lot more experienced.

Oh, and they have lots more money.

If I was speccing out a business plan for a new MMO in 2025, I'd want to make it appeal to these folks — call them codgergamers. They may be initially attracted by cute intro movies, but jerky camera angles are going to hurt their aging eyes. Their hand/eye coordination isn't what it used to be. And like sixty-somethings in the current and other cohorts they have a low tolerance for being expected to jump through arbitrary hoops for no reward. When you can feel grandfather time breathing down your neck, you tend to focus on the important stuff.

But the sixty-something gamers of 2020 are not the same as the sixty-somethings you know today. They're you, only twenty years older. By then, you'll have a forty year history of gaming; you won't take kindly to being patronised, or given in-game tasks calibrated for today's sixty-somethings. The codgergamers of 2030 will be comfortable with the narrative flow of games. They're much more likely to be bored by trite plotting and cliched dialog than todays gamers. They're going to need less twitchy user interfaces — ones compatible with aging reflexes and presbyopic eyes — but better plot, character, and narrative development. And they're going to be playing on these exotic gizmos descended from the iPhone and its clones: gadgets that don't so much provide access to the internet as smear the internet all over the meatspace world around their owners.
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