May 21st, 2009


Bill and Vanessa are selling their (extremely lightly used) 2009 Prius.

As it turns out we have to sell our Hybrid since we can not bring it to
Germany. Needless to say we love our car and it is serving us wonderfully. If you are
interested in buying it we are looking for someone who can refinance it beginning
07/01/2009. If you would like the car at an earlier date we could arrange for that, too.

Here is some basic info:

- Car Model: *Toyota Prius Hybrid, 2009* (
- Color: red
- Bought new in Dec. 2008 for $29.000 USD (incl. taxes)
- Sale Price: $25.000 USD (+ some contribution to the $ 2000 USD down payment would be lovely)
- Currently with 2000 miles on it
- We drive Hybrid mainly around town and spend about $20/month on gas!

If you are interested or know anyone who is please let us know asap. so we
can plan accordingly. If you have questions about more car details let me know.

If you're interested, leave a comment here saying so and I'll put you in touch with B&V.