May 28th, 2009


General Taguba's investigations appears to confirm child rape accusations.

We now have confirmation that the unspeakable accusations of child rape that Seymour Hersh alleged are true. American soldiers raped children at Abu Ghraib, and there is photographic evidence. Now all I have to ask is, are Americans ready to finally face the reckoning of what was done in our name? Because like it or not, these photos will be released, and no one will be able to ignore this horrible truth any longer.

1) No Americans are not ready, and never will be. They refuse to see the truth right on front of them. Even the Liberals.

2) You have NO IDEA how good Americans' denial skills are. Release all the photos you want - people will continue to ignore how horrible, brutal, utterly unjustified, and insanely illegal our invasion of and occupation of Iraq was and still is today.

Parting shot: How can you be sure that this same kind of stuff isn't happening in Afghanistan right now? Did you know about Abu Ghraib while it was happening?

Obama, by failing to release all documentation, pictures, etc is (as usual) proving to be nothing more than Dubya-lite.

Java VisualVM: High-power profiling tool comes with your 1.6 JDK.

VisualVM is a visual tool that integrates some of the commandline JDK tools and gives you powerful profiling capabilities. The commandline tools that it bundles up include jstat, JConsole, jstack, jmap and jinfo, which you get with your standard JDK distribution.

VisualVM will allow you to generate and analyze heap data, track down memory leaks, monitor the garbage collector and perform memory and CPU profiling, as well as being able to browse and operate on MBeans. While VisualVM runs on JDK6 it can monitor applications created since JDK1.4.

The best part of VisualVM is that it's in your JDK bin directory already, if you've got any version of JDK1.6 since update 7. To run it, all you need to do is click on the jvisualvm.exe and the application starts up. All Java applications running will be displayed on the right hand side navigation bar. Note that there is no need to register your application with VisualVM - it'll appear automatically. You can also view remote applications in this navigator.

Dear Adobe: FUCK YOU and your *intentionally broken* Socket implementation.

In Flash Player and later, a socket policy file is required for any Socket connection. That is, a socket policy file on the target host is required no matter what port you are connecting to, and is required even if you are connecting to a port on the same host that is serving the SWF file.

Okay, tell me WHY you would even bother to have a fucking Socket class if, in order to use it, every single site on the internet has to open up a webserver on port 843 (which includes opening their firewall to inbound TCP/843) just so it can serve an XML file that says: "yes, it's okay to connect here."

Because that's now REQUIRED - even when you're running a .swf locally in a stand-alone flash player (not in a browser) on your local machine, and trying to make connections back to the same local machine!

HEY GENIUSES, NEWS FLASH - we already have a way to say "no you cannot connect here". It's called NOT LISTENING ON THAT TCP PORT!

Even worse - as I found out by hitting my head on this all today, when this functionality is required for a demo we're giving tomorrow - this STILL happens even when you've gone through all the stupid, obscure, config text-file buried deep in c:\windows\system32\ bullshit necessary to mark the .swf in your "local fully trusted" sandbox.

Lastly... if security is making my sockets fail, HOW ABOUT THROWING A SECURITY ERROR! This "IOErrorEvent #2048" and "socket error #2301" that you get (which only happens when you close() the socket - not when you connect(), write to it, or flush()!!) tells a programmer NOTHING.

This bullshit would have been bad enough had you implemented it between Flash 9 and Flash 10. But Jesus Fucking Christ In A Jumped-Up Sidecar, you made this change silently between player version 9.0.115 and 9.0.126!

I swear to god, I should fly to California with my sword AND BEHEAD EVERYONE INVOLVED WITH CREATING AND IMPLEMENTING THIS SHIT.

What the fuck were you idiots thinking??
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