June 16th, 2009


I should really subscribe to Esquire.

Someone brought in a couple of old Esquire magazines to the bathroom at work. They have very good, eye-catching cover art. One is of Bar Refaeli (that's possibly NSFW) and the other one is Ben Affleck.

I pretty much read every story in the Rafaeli issue before switching over to the other one. Which is a pity, because the Ben Affleck interview was actually surprisingly interesting and amusing. This excerpt I'm about to give isn't much like the rest of the article, but I'm going to put it here anyway because it's about motorcycling:

My wife drives a hybrid, and my other car, as they say, is a motorcycle. So if you amortize the mpg over all the vehicles, it's pretty good. Except, if I'm being honest, mostly the motorcycle sits in the driveway these days, like a specter from a past life. Hard to justify a Hayabusa with two kids, but I still feel the phantom pains some days. The tips of the index and middle finger on my left hand, feeling for the clutch, a faint brush across the tops of my toes, and the pull of a throttle rolling open. The memory of shifting gears gathers dust on the drive as I walk up, past the relic of an old life and into the next one.


These two issues of Esquire have been so much fun to read that I'm seriously considering subscribing to Esquire.

Edit: HuffPo (of all places!) has some more and larger scans of the Bar Refaeli pictures.