July 17th, 2009


Haypress Creek 360 core DIY Forth machine.

This blog will document my experience with the Haypress Creek supercomputer. It has 9 S40 multi-computer chips, each with 40 c18 computers. Total of 360 computers running at 700 Mips or 250 Gips. Each chip has 3 A/Ds and 3 D/As. Total of 27 of each. I'll use some for video output and some for audio (command) input.

Underneath each chip is a memory chip. Node 00 has a 128 KByte flash. The others have a 32 MWord DRAM. So there are 9 memory paths for a huge bandwidth.

I plan to use it for a variety of experiments, which I'll describe here. The goal is to port colorForth and OKAD to this platform and use it to design the next multi-computer chip.