July 18th, 2009


It's good to hear from Jesse Ventura again.


I differ with him on a couple points, particularly waiting on judging Obama. But generally speaking I'm usually nodding in agreement when he opens his mouth. That's more than I can say for most people who've held political office. (The fact that he refused to turn into a career politician and wouldn't run for a second term as governor definitely endears him to me.)

Graphene nano-structure in GaAs FTW.

But, if currently-out-of-our-reach graphene offers so many desirable qualities, why not try to “trick” nature and “steal” its qualities creating a copy? An entriguing route, based on the idea that replicating graphene’s structure on a different material might endow it with graphene’s extraordinary properties. And this is exactly what that scientists at NEST tried with the help of gallium-arsenide semiconductors, objects widespread in the production of transistors and lasers. They carved a semiconductor with the help of an ion beam, creating a nanopattern on its surface that replicates the exact graphen’s structure. And the idea proved to be a complete success: modified in this way, the nanosculptured semiconductor exhibits the properties of the famous material it imitates, thus becoming the very first artificial graphene. With an added advantage: the overall procedure does not rely on exotic equipments, but on tools and instruments that the nanofabrication industry already possesses and masters, meaning that the artificial graphene can already enable the development of high-mobility transistors and lasers.


Ya hear that, Intel? Still sure you "don't want to lose your investment in silicon"? Hm??