July 20th, 2009

"Not an angel"

Pink Pony is a 3D racing game - with ponies!


Normally I bash on girl's games as being overly simplistic, to the point of being totally insulting. But this one feels different for some reason. The combination of terrain engine so you can't always see your opponent, plus the strategic aspect of boxing your opponent in via skillful maneuvering, makes this game deeper than your average "game with ponies." I'm not sayin' I'd be caught dead playing it, mind you. Just that I wouldn't sneer at someone who did, or instantly dismiss them as having a room-temperature IQ.
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Things you can get at 7-11 in Ben's world: Chlorine Tri-flouride

There’s a report from the early 1950s (in this PDF) of a one-ton spill of the stuff. It burned its way through a foot of concrete floor and chewed up another meter of sand and gravel beneath, completing a day that I'm sure no one involved ever forgot. That process, I should add, would necessarily have been accompanied by copious amounts of horribly toxic and corrosive by-products. It’s bad enough when your reagent ignites wet sand, but the clouds of hot hydrofluoric acid are your special door prize if you’re foolhardy enough to hang around and watch the fireworks.


A continuing middle finger to Adobe...


Sure, we're going to make a DisplayObject, which all on-screen objects (including the stage) subclass. But we're NOT gonna use the perfectly good .width and .height field of that object to hold the stage width and height. Nope! Why should there be a consistent interface to graphical objects? What would be the point of that?? That's not how we do things here in Flash!
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