August 7th, 2009


Dear Adobe: Die in a fire.

Gee Adobe, why would ANYONE ever possibly want to add objects to the stage during the initialize() of an mx.core.Application? I can't think of a time that would EVER happen.

So why did you make the stage pointer null during that time, denying people the ability to add so much as a single fucking pixel to the screen?

Oh, I have to hook an obscure Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE event, and wait for a callback, before I'll have a valid stage pointer? And this isn't documented anywhere, and has been causing headaches for people since release 2 of the Flex SDK?

Thanks. Thanks so much.

You know, I stopped programming in MFC because of bullshit like this. I was sick and tired of being MicroSoft's janitor. Cleaning up all their stupid, jackass mistakes that anyone with an IQ larger than their shoe size could have seen coming from a parsec away. And now I'm stuck doing the same god-damn thing with your code. You guys really ARE the new MicroSoft.
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