August 8th, 2009


To everyone who helped me move:


If that wasn't the easiest move I've ever done, then it was certainly in the top two. I'm not even going to need to borrow my step-dad's truck! ctmcd's Volvo swallowed my bookshelf and dresser. And undo four screws, and my bed frame comes apart into pieces small enough to transport in j_b's Neon. Now I know!

I'll spend two or three hours cleaning up the old place tomorrow, and then I'll be free to enjoy my new place. And ALL BY MY G(L)ORIOUS SELF, for the first time in ages.

And to the neighbors: Thank you for running an open WiFi! No junkie wants to be without his drug (even briefly) and I'm no exception. A few quick surfs via your net should more than hold me until I can get a cable modem in here. Thank you for being kind (and/or lazy, I have no way of knowing) enough to not encrypt. I promise no torrenting of sheep movies while I'm using your net. ;]