August 13th, 2009

Captain Obvious

US deficit 4x last year's record-setting number.

To put some context on a new estimate that puts this year’s federal deficit at $1.8 trillion, consider this: That amount had never been spent by the federal government in a single year until 2000, let alone borrowed. That’s right. As the decade began, the US government spent $1.8 trillion in a year for the first time. Now it’s poised to spend that much in excess of its tax revenues. The Treasury released the latest figures Wednesday, showing spending of about $3 trillion in the past 10 months, and revenues of only $1.74 trillion.

With two months to go in the fiscal calendar, the Obama administration is projecting that the imbalance will end up totaling $1.84 trillion, more than four times last year’s record-high. The monthly deficit for July, also reported this week, came in a bit above what economists had expected.

The record red ink stems from familiar sources. The government is spending prodigiously on stimulus, to lift the economy out of recession, and on rescuing the financial system from a credit crisis. The cost of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan add to the tab. Meanwhile, in recessions tax revenues tend to fall, and this one is no exception. Government receipts were down about 6 percent in July from a year before.
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Today's list of AS3 gotchas that will bite you an hour before your big demo.

- Wanna access an MXML component in your MXML from inside a static function? YOU CAN'T! Hahahaha! Take away the static, and everything's fine. The compiler error won't help you figure this out.

- A sane and reasonable person would think that they could be allowed to make a [Bindable] variable and then not do anything with it. Don't try that in AS3 though - mxmlc will refuse to make your .swf if a variable is declared bindable, but then never gets used (assigned to) anywhere. The compiler error here won't tell you jack shit either.

Thanks for throwing these roadblocks in my way, Adobe. I really appreciate you incompetent retards pulling this shit on me over and over again, usually hours before I have a big demo.

I told my boss that doing everything in Flash was a bad idea. Did he listen to me? Noooooooooooo.
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