August 23rd, 2009

"Not an angel"

Otaku otaku otaku!

> Most western cartoons are merely really long commercials that sell toys and sugary breakfast cereals to kids.

As opposed to Pokemon, which is all about selling toys to kids.

Yes, I know not all anime is Pokemon. Believe me - I was watching anime ten years before Pokemon. My point is, you're making the same mistake as the person in the comic. You're putting something up on a pedestal when it doesn't deserve to be. Low-end kiddy crap is low-end kiddy crap, regardless of the country it's made in.

You can't even claim that the high end is necessarily better. For every Laputa and Ghost In The Shell, I can counter with Iron Giant and The Incredibles.

About the only thing you can say categorically is Sturgeon's Law. 90% of all animation made is low-end kiddy crap. And that's true regardless of what country it's made in.