August 31st, 2009


I give Shadow Complex a big thumbs up.

I highly recommend Shadow Complex. (Watch out for the videos on that review - they get spoileriffic pretty quick. You can stop watching the first one after you see the bit about the "rising water boss battle", and I didn't even bother with the second one.) SC isn't perfect, but I have found it to be a heck of a lot of fun. I've been playing it until 1am for the last few nights, in spite of trying to stop myself. I also appreciate the price - SC is easily a $30 game, but it's only $15 on Live. In terms of fun/dollar, it comes close to Portal. If you like those Super Metroid / Castlevania: SOTN type games, and you like Tom Clancy-esque sci-fi, you'll probably like it. The demo is free on 360 Live - download it and try it out. I think you'll be hooked. I was.

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How about an optical scratch-pad in your CD case?

Moldover's new CD, over 3 years in the making, not only delivers gorgeously diverse music with meaning and musical mastery, it completely redefines what it means to "play an album"... Moldover's CD packaging itself IS a new musical instrument! The CD is mounted on a custom designed circuit board, intricately patterned and powering a "light-Theremin". Yes! You play the artwork and it makes sound! Only the musical supervillain genius of Moldover could develop something so stunningly innovative.

Self-congratulatory wankery aside, this is a pretty cool idea. Check it out in action:

Artist's site:

Full Reddit comments - lots of great stuff here. Including actual theremin schematics, Jean-Michel Jarre laser harps, all sorts of crazy shit.
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