October 26th, 2009

Trajedy... for YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

Dear Jigdo and Multiget, you fucking fucks: FUCK YOU.

jigdo-lite is a mountain of steaming feces ten thousand miles high. The shell script it runs to figure out where the executable lives is so badly coded that it shits all over itself with a "resource temporarily unavailable" AT THE FIRST GODDAMN LINE OF THE SCRIPT!

http://multiget.sourceforge.net/ gags on 10 trillion tons of dick. It's buggy as hell, crashes every time you try and change the number of threads allocated to a download, and won't let you allocate less than 5 threads to a download anyway. You try and set the number of threads at the start, it ignores you and sets it to 5.

Fuck both of you, I'll sit here and manually download my Debian DVD ISOs.

Thanks for nothing, you screamingly incompetent shitcocks.

Epilogue: The Debian net install worked great (at least, it did when I chose the correct mirror. The cu-denver mirror turned out to be excruciatingly slow and I had to kill a process to un-freeze the installer.), so my download of the full DVDs was for nothing. Fine by me; I'd much rather have a backup plan and not need it, than need a backup plan and not have it.
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