November 1st, 2009


Dave Mustaine interview.

We're [Heavy Metal] right now on the verge of a comeback and usually, as sad as this sounds, it is around the world politics. When Peace Sells... But Whose Buying? came out, what was going on then? Well we were having a standoff with the Middle East. When Countdown to Extinction came out, Rust in Peace came out, what was going on with those records? Well Rust in Peace, we were having a standoff with Khadafi, and with Countdown, we were having more problems with Saddam Hussein. Several years later we have another problem, the world is at an absolute mess right now. And I think when people get to this point they know that they can always rely on heavy metal to understand what you’re feeling, and to give you that resolve to get up and to go continue the good fight. That may sound like a Deepak Chopra wearing studded underwear kind of monologue, but for me I really believe in what I do. I believe in the people that are in it and that’s why I’m a champion for the cause of heavy metal.

When I saw there was an interview with ol' Mega-Dave, I thought to myself: "So he's going to ramble and bullshit like usual, and not say much interesting." The interview is, for the most part, like that. But there's that little interesting bit that I quoted above. You really don't need to read the rest of the interview, though. You've already read the good part.