November 18th, 2009


NASA develops electronic nose for iPhone.

A researcher at the NASA Ames Center has developed a proof of concept device which can convert an iPhone into a chemical sensor capable of detecting ammonia, chlorine gas, and methane. The chem sniffing device is a small silicon chip (no bigger than a stamp) that plugs into the phone. Upon detection, the chip uses the phone to alert others. It was developed as part of Homeland Security’s Cell-All program. The US hopes that one day a small, inexpensive, and portable chip such as this one could be used to turn thousands (or millions) of mobile phones into a means of quickly detecting hazardous chemicals in public environments. That detection could save lives and help direct first response units. Of course, for the nerds out there the device’s true importance is easy to see: it’s the next step to developing a tricorder from Star Trek.

You call that a tricorder? Those of us with an Android phone already have a tricorder. ;]

P.S. I had the idea of making a chip to plug into the bottom of the iPhone and do cool stuff (in my case, a 3-channel digital storage oscilloscope) last year. So there!!

Good ep of Mythbusters tonight.

The "jet-sled car split" is now officially the coolest thing I've ever seen on Mythbusters.

Hopefully the segment will make it up onto YouTube so everyone can see it. Even if you're not a big fan, this one is worth watching.