December 30th, 2009

Captain Obvious

The system has failed? You don't say...

The most grievous security breach to threaten the United States since Sept. 11, 2001 constituted a "systemic failure" of the country's counter-terror protocols, said President Barack Obama on Tuesday, as evidence mounted regarding just how much warning U.S. authorities had about an attempt to bomb a Detroit-bound flight on Christmas Day.

Reaction #1: See icon.

Reaction #2: Looks like someone just got told.

Reaction #3: And who's still so stupid that they believe we're ever going to get this right? After utterly failing, in every possible way, to get it right for the last ten years? Hey, I know - let's go bomb some more people at random! That'll stop terrorism!! It's worked so well before!

L4D2 weapons vs. Tank

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I was just telling someone an hour ago how the shotgun(s) are total crap against the Tank in L4D2.

Like I needed any more reasons to constantly carry the katana! And now I suddenly understand why Valve put adrenaline shots in the game.
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