Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

Space Quest 0: Replicated

From /. a while back:

Remember Space Quest, Kings Quest, Police Quest, etc? Well so do a bunch of other geeks!


What is Space Quest 0: Replicated, you ask? Why, it's the all-new fan-game sensation that's been sweeping the Wilco World Wide Web! Designed by Jeff Stewart, SQ0 offers fans an untold tale of Roger Wilco as our hero finds himself posted aboard Labion Orbital Station 10, a Class 3 Cloning Facility. Unfortunately, it appears that a mysterious someone (or something) has murdered all of Roger's fellow crewmates during one of his famous supply-closet naps. Join Roger as he escapes the station, travels to Labion for the first time, manages to die in literally dozens of creative new ways as he struggles to figure out just what happened aboard LOS10 and--if he plays his cards right--save the universe from a fate too terrible to mention.

Replicated is built using the same technology as SQ1 and SQ2, featuring an old-fashioned text parser and gorgeous 16-color graphics -- some of the best that I've ever seen, in fact! So, what are you waiting for?
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