Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

Apert Syndrome

(Images on this website are probably work-safe, but they may not make you happy to look at either. YHBW.)

Looking at this website makes me simultaniously very sad and very, very angry.

I mean to put this site up as a "hey, let's laugh at the freaks! Whoah, this kid looks like an anime character!" site. But I don't have it in me. It's easy for me pity (and thus devalue and dismiss) people who are mentally retarded. But these folks seem to be better than fine mentally - highly intelligent even. It was just sheer bad luck that they got one little nucleotide out of place (as the page explains, that's all it takes) and it completely fucked them for life. Moreover, they are keenly aware of it.

About the time that last thought sinks in, the anger starts up real good...

It's cheap and exploitive of me to say so, but stuff like this reinforces my athiesm. I can see no way that an benevolent, all-knowing, omnipowerful god would allow a person who has done nothing wrong to get a crippling deformity like this. In no world goverened by a benevolent diety can I see this as possible.

Does that make me shallow? Yes, I think it does...

(Link courtesy of colonel_korn over at
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