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FlyFF ate my brain. - Adventures in Engineering — LiveJournal
The wanderings of a modern ronin.

Ben Cantrick
  Date: 2005-07-22 23:48
  Subject:   FlyFF ate my brain.
At long last! It took until 5:45am Friday morning, but I finally hit level 20 and was able to hop on my purchased-in-advance hoverboard and FLY!!!

A fly-by of the Broken Bridge.

Notice the map at lower-left. I'm cruising above the vast cloud sea that seperates the different town areas from each other. The cool huge-ass gears are just an extra scenery perk.

The town of Fleris from above. Dialog in chat window: "Lots of work, but so worth it!"

The floating islands N and slightly W of Fleris. This is my new "logout" resting place. Yeah yeah, puer aeternus, I know...

(Un?)Fortunately, I think this accomplishment marks the end of my time in FlyFF. Though the flying thing is a great initial hook, the game shares all weaknesses with its (MMO)RPG bretheren. Most notably, leveling is starting to get REALLY tedious. Not that it wasn't before, but it's really getting obnoxious now. Especially leveling my skills, which can't be accellerated as normal levelling can by attacking harder monsters and expending extra food to keep healthy.

As I look across the web pages listing all the levels and weapons still ahead of me for 80 more levels, I see nothing that looks even mildy interesting to me. Just more boring nights of hammering the F4 key to keep my character's HP up while the auto-fire smacks on monster of the second. Rinse, lather, repeat - thousands more times. And to what purpose? So I can do it all again all night tomorrow, except more slowly and painfully! Putting myself in a Skinner box indeed!

The only thing left to do that I think might actually be fun would be to write up a "Newbie Guide to FlyFF" web page. There's a lot to learn when you first start playing, and most of it isn't documented anywhere. Since FlyFF is beta, the in-game help screens are blank. For instance, I met one person who didn't know that double-clicking on an enemy would start the continuous auto-attack feature. They had gotten to level 15, and gone through god only knows how many thousand monster battles, one agonizing manual click at a time!

The controls are often non-trivial but also undocumented. When I first jumped on my hoverboard, I was stuck on it for about ten minutes trying to figure out how to get off. I had been told by the flight trainer NPC that the space bar would "start or stop flying." As it turns out, they meant "start or stop forward motion". To get off your board, you actually have to drag it out of the flight vehicle slot in your inventory window. This can be difficult if you've double right-clicked to make your cursor disappear and allow easier navigation when flying.

Many of the translations in the menus and NPC dialogs are poor to abysmal. Quests refer to people by poorly translated names that look different than the actual name - "Makus" vs "Marcus". When you hit "X" to change between walking and running, it says "Work" instead of "Walk." Etc.

Important quests have been known to fail silently if you're not at the correct level to complete them - but the game won't stop you from taking the quest way too early.

Silly stuff like this is all over the game. Which is fine, this is a free beta. But it would be nice if it was all written down somewhere so every person who starts playing FlyFF doesn't have to tear their hair out over problems that are well-known and easily solveable with just a teeny bit of advance knowledge. And it would also give people hanging out in Fleris something they could toss at n00bs so they didn't have to repeat the same answers over and over again...
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