Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

It appears the SDMB mods are afraid of the truth.

Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 13:50:40 EDT
Subject: Re: For the mod(s) of the SDMB. (fwd)                                 

In a message dated 8/7/03 12:41:33 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> In the thread
> ef94d765&threadid=201894
>  MEBuckner said that I should mail the mods if I wanted to talk about
> getting posting privledges reinstaned for zero of more of the
> handles MikeRochenelle, ModernRonin, ModernRonin2.
>  I wanted to mail him directly, but with my login diabled I cannot
> click on the "email this user" link - nor any "email this user" link
> for anyone. So I apologize for sending this to the wrong place, but
> I tried hard to find a better address. No message in ATMB had such
> an address, there wasn't one I could find in the FAQ, and no other
> aveneus of exploration turned up anything. Assuming the mods were
> serious in their offer to discuss this, it might be good to tweak
> VBulliten so that mods can still be mailed even by people who have
> had their handles suspended.                                                 
> >Moderator's Note: OK, so you aren't llamasex, but you are ModernRonin2?
> >(Not to mention "ModernRonin", which you never used because you messed
> >up the password.)
>  Bang on, MEBuckner. As I said, I was dead sure both those had been
> deleted. I thought it had been at least 6 months since I had logged into
> either one, and even longer than that for ModernRonin.
> >At this point, you need to contact one of our admins (like, say...
> >TubaDiva) and discuss which, if any, of these names will have posting
> >privileges in the future.
>  Glad to. Should I keep emailing to webmaster, or is there a different
> address I should use?
>      -Ben
> --
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> Cult Of The Dead Cow:                             

You will not be reinstated under any of your multiple screen names.

As per the Straight Dope Message Board Registration Agreement:

[[  Only one screen name is permitted per user. If you wish to change screen
names please email an administrator. Use of multiple screen names is grounds
for revocation of your right to post under ANY screen name.  ]]

Assistant to the webmaster
The Straight Dope                                                             

Couple of thing to note here. First, it took them a freakin' week to answer this email. I don't know why it should take anyone a week to answer an email, but it did. Even though I gave the URL for the original thread. They only responded when I sent a second email a week later - a mail which I will show you below.

Second, as I explained in the original thread and in this mail again, I didn't try and have multiple handles. As a matter of fact I went to some pains (waiting three months) to ensure that all my old handles would be flushed out by the 90 day auto-delete program, as outlined in the SDMB policies.

But In case I'm not being clear enough here, let me say it straight out: they banned me for making a honest mistake, one that I specifically tried to avoid, but for some reason couldn't - most likely because they're bleedingly incompetent with their own web-board software and couldn't even figure out how to make a 90 day unused handle auto-delete feature work.

Or rather, they used the fact that I made an honest mistake (a mistake at least partly cause by their own incompetence) to ban me. See, the real reason they don't want me around is because, as you can read in the thread whose URL is in the above email, I'm pointing out the mods being arbitrary and unreasonable, and refusing to back down when they denied it.

The really funny clincher, though, was this mail, sent about 4 hours later in answer to the second mail I sent them a week later. It's hilarious, a snippy little "you're not a cool kid, now go away!" message, as if to justify a guilty conscience:

Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 15:18:08 EDT
Subject: Re: Second Email: To the mods of the SDMB.

In a message dated 8/10/03 12:17:22 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> And yes, I am MikeRochenelle, though I'm fairly sure you know that.
>  Anyway, it appears you are ignoring me on purpose. It's either that or
> you're incompetent. (Well, frankly, given my opinions of Tuba, perhaps
> I ought to opt for that explanation...) For the record, I have received
> zero, zip, zilch, nada, no response whatsoever to my mail of a week ago.
> A mail, you may remember, that I sent at your request.
>  If you're attempting to make me break the rules and go register another
> handle just so I can "click on a Mods name to mail them" on the board,
> it won't work. If I do that I just give you ammunition to turn right around
> and tell me I've broken the rules one too many times. I intend to give
> you no excuses.
>  If MEBuckner's offer to talk about things wasn't sincere, why did
> you bother posting it in the first place? Simply to save face and make
> yourselves not look like the bad guys? If so, that's pretty sad.             

Your actions in this matter have been reviewed, as we do in all situations
where someone is removed from the board.

We see no reason to reinstate you.  The last thing we need is someone who
believes rules are for other people.

Assistant to the webmaster
The Straight Dope                                                              

Haha! So I sent them back a reply. Basically saying:

"Oh, my actions have been reviewed eh?? So you and two of your friends got together and you all agreed that I'm a bad, bad, mean person, eh? Way to go, Oliver Wendell Holmes!"


"If I think I'm immune to the rules, why did I go out of my way to not have multiple handles? (And why were the handles still there past the expiration date YOU said they would be deleted on, eh?) Furthermore, besides that, what rules have I broken? I don't think I've been a jerk, unless sticking to my guns and repeating the facts that you don't want to acknowledge makes me a jerk.

Frankly, it looks like you're shutting me down simply because you don't like what I have to say - whether I'm right or not doesn't seem to concern you.

That's sad and ironic on a board ostensibly dedicated to fighting ignorance."

So there you have it, folks. They can ban my handle and lock down the threads on the SDMB, but they can't hide from what they've done. I'm shining the light on these roaches.

Remember that on the SDMB, they're dedicated to fighting ignorance - unless the truth is distasteful or uncomfortable to them!

If anyone reading this is a Doper, and you'd like to ask the Mods what exactly they're doing, please mail me and let me know what thread it's in - I'd love to watch these guys squirm. I get the feeling they REALLY don't want anyone to know what happened here.

And if anyone cares to register on the SDMB and press the Mods a bit, feel free to do that to. If they stay true to form, they'll throw a snit and then ban you too - even though there's no chance in hell that you've done anything wrong! I'd do this myself, but as I said, I intend to give them no excuses. I think my case is blindingly clear. Let the public judge...

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