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Mahahaha... yay drama!

petit_baiser just banned me from posting in his LJ, because of things I said here. ;]

FTR, Google did make an incorrect moral decision to help China out with censorship of their net feeds. Although it was certainly a profitable business decision, the fact remains that helping a government censor inconvenient or distasteful information away from its citizens is wrong. Rob's attempting to argue "you hate Google, you hate China, and you hate me, therefore you must be wrong" is terribly unconvincing in light of the actual record of human rights abuses by the Chinese goverment.

I do give Google credit for at least telling people they're censoring, but telling someone that you're holding their head under water doesn't make it any more morally correct to do it. And it is nice to see that Rob is morally consistant, censoring voices he doesn't like, just like his heros in the Chinese government. ;]

Edit: Ahahahaha! And now he just friends only'd the entry because (I guess?) he doesn't want people seeing what I wrote! True colors, yes indeed... well Rob, if you do reply here, I won't ban you or lock your words away - I promise. I haven't done it with other people even though I think they're totally wrong and usually disagree violently with just about everything they say.

Edit2: Some more fuel for this fire. The Wikipedia page on "Don't Be Evil", and a Wired article from way back in 2k3.
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