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Dear diary: Today I wrote a minimal webserver from scratch in 3 and a half hours.

So I get a recruiter call. "Hey, your resume looks good. Can I forward?" "Sure, of course, please do." "Well, they called back and they're not sure if you really have the necessary skill to write server-side UNIX C code... because you worked at a plastic factory for a year."

So, you can imagine that THIS is the sound of my eyes rolling back so far in my head that the tendons snap, like an overtorqued guitar string:


I decided I was well and damned tired of clueless fewlios challenging my technical skills when they obviously know NUFFINK. (I got a good laugh when the recruiter said, "I have their SALESMAN on the other line, let me ask him...") So right after that, I went and started writing a simple webserver from scratch. Because I could. Because, yes Virginia, I do have that level of technical skill. I put some very large limits on it, like it's not going to try and do any HTTP request header parsing, and several other large time savers. I decided I'd call it "The Ghetto Webserver."

It's a little past 5 as I write this, and the .tgz file has just been sent off. I started somewhere between 1:30 and 1:45. "last -5 myloginname" shows a login time of 13:47. Call it three and a half hours just to overestimate a little. It came out at 186 lines long with fairly liberal commenting and whitespace. If you're interested in having a copy:

(This was compiled on FreeBSD. Some of the include files are named different things on other platforms, because people who distribute OSes are braindamaged. I'm thinking of string.h in specific, though it wouldn't surprise me if sys/socket.h was something different on every platform in creation as well.)

Bet you ANYTHING that they still won't give me the job. After all, I proved I was way more than good enough for Pillar, but did they hire me? NOOOOOOOOOO! I proved I was way more than good enough for TimeCentre, but did they hire me? NOOOOOOOOO! There's always some bullshit excuse that not only do I have no control over, but in fact is completely unknown and unrelated to me. (Some other employee was suing them. The Department of Labor is after them because they didn't pay any overtime last year. Etc.)

So I predict it will be with this position as well. Having just rubbed their nose in my programming abilities, I do not believe they will even come close to being able to comprehend what my level of skill is. They're going to call me back tomorrow and say, "We're sorry, we don't think you have enough experience."


And then, a few days hence, I'll get hassled by my mom again about "How come you don't have a job??"


So yes, I'm feeling very much like my new icon. Yay emo catgirls! ;]

(This post will remain friends locked until they make up their minds one way or another and prove me either right or wrong. Boy, would I love to be wrong...)
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