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I thought the California recall election couldn't get any more hilarious...

I was wrong!

As usual, I swear to god I'm not making this shit up...

From MeFi:

Porn star Mary Carey officially launched her gubenatorial campaign in front of a sports bar in Sacaramento, today. Her platform? Legalize gay marriage, tax breast implants and set up a live, streaming webcam in the Governor's Mansion. God help me, this is starting to sound appealing to me. Are politicians so bad that porn stars look good by comparison?

Q. What’s your favorite slogan?

A. This is such a tough one. I have so many slogans. I really like "We had Brown. We tried Gray. Now it’s time for a little blonde," because it’s very true. We need a little blonde in there.

I’m more fun and exciting. And I’m also better qualified for the job 'cause I’m honest. I’m being honest. Excuse me but being a politician... no politician is honest. They don’t really know what they’re doing. They just listen to their advisors. Get me a group of advisors, and I’ll just say the truth. And then you’ll be happy, and I’ll always jump up and down.

My jumping up and down will generate more media interest, and more people will watch and listen to my speeches. Wouldn’t you watch more if Gray Davis could do this? (Jiggles chest.) (Crowd roars.) Vote for me! Vote for me!

- (Check out her Gubernatorial Platform!!)

Hell, I'd vote for her. Can't do any worse than Davis, right? ;D

Frankly this trend of porn stars running for office has some truly great potential for pissing off the religious reich. Imagine:

"Ron Jeremy for President - Put a real dick in the White House!"
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