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Misc update, early spring.

I've been doing some web monkey work for mrothermel and wanted to thank him in public for throwing the work my way. It is sorely needed right now. Speaking of crap job markets, I was making some payment arrangements with my credit card company today, and the person on the phone said she was old enough to remember Reaganomics. She said that she believes, based on her experience as a credit card debt collector for the last 10+ years, that the economy today is even worse than it was under Reagan. Wow man - just wow! That's frikkin' SCARY. She made reference to the government's cooking of unemployment statistics, too - how people who run out of unemployment compensation after 6 or so months of not being able to find a job are not even counted towards the unemployment statistics any more. Well gee, I wonder what happens when you run our government into THE BIGGEST DEBT IN AMERICAN HISTORY. Apparently, the same exact thing that happened when Reagan did it...

Found out today that I ordered the wrong surface mount chips for the electronics project I'm working on. That really sucks. We only ordered 10 chips @ 70 cents each, so it was only $7 lost. (They turned out to be opamps designed to run on 0V and +V, instead of -V and +V.) But what annoys me much more than the monentary cost is the loss of time. Check the freaking part numbers next time, idiot self. :P

Been playing FlyFF a little lately, and you can probably guess from a recent entry. I think I've sunk maybe 6 hours into it so far. A lot easier the second time around. I'm up to level 12 already. I'm torn on where to go at level 15. I'd still like to eventually be a dual sword wielding Blade, which would mean slogging through 40-odd levels of being a big, dumb, magic-less Mercenary. Being an Assist would also be boring in the medium run, but allow me to eventually morph into a BillPoster, a strong melee/magic hybrid. And going to an Acrobat would be interesting in the short term and would also allow me to morph into a Ranger later on, which sounds pretty neat. We'll see...

Other than that, life's just a big pain in the tail as usual. Certain employers who keep saying they want to hire me continue to not do so, for reasons that are, to be mild about it, rather dumb. The "deafening wall of silence" is in effect just about everywhere. Even those who express interest seem to go out of their way not to talk to me, ever. F'ing obnoxious. A certain temporary service whose tests told me that I was a "master user" of Word, Excel and Powerpoint, as well as typing at 70 WPM sustained for five minutes with only 2 errors the whole time, also has failed utterly to find me any work.

(Quite the giggle about the Powerpoint mastery thing. I think I've run Powerpoint twice. In other words, I know I've run it once, and maybe there was one time I forgot. I wonder if their test isn't so accurate? Eh, could be...)

I swear to god, if the whole "we REALLY want to hire you, but because we're a bunch of COLOSSAL DUMBASSES we can't" things happens to me one more time, I'm telling tech to take its (lack of) career path and shove it as hard and deep as possible, and becoming a damn car mechanic. Then, at least MAYBE I'll have a chance at getting a job. Fucking death.
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