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New job = great! But I still don't like Mondays.

A few people already know, but let me announce it here too:

NEW JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!bang!!!!!!1!!!

Great job too. Hardware and software. Tiny little company, though the prez wants to grow it 3-5 times in the next year. It's just the prez, me, and an intern from DU, doing all sorts of little embedded stuff in-house. We choose the parts, make the circuit boards, program the chips ourselves, and write all the software too. God I love being a complete technological control freak! Hehhe. (I never would have gotten this job if Dell hadn't paid me to do make his electronic device happen. That project proved to the world at large that I could do all this. Which I knew, but was having an awfully damn hard time convincing anyone else of.)

Anyway, we work with PIC microcontrollers mostly, though some other micros as well. I'm currently working the most on a project that's used to... well, that would be telling. ;] What I can tell you is that it involves four actuators, each capable of holding 30-40,000 lbs, each with an onboard small micro and a few simple sensors. The main board is a fatter micro that talks to the actuators via a custom RS-485 protocol and has two accelerometers on it. That makes it sound pretty cool, but it's a lot more mundane than you might think. In any event, the important thing is that I'm doing exactly what I love to do, and making good money doing it. The only downside is that the job is on the far side of Cherry Creek from Boulder, so the commute sucks. But to get to do exactly what I want to do, and get paid well for it (how many people can claim that?), I'm finding ways to cope. ;] I figure as the weather gets nicer I can start riding my crotch rocket to work, which will allow me to use the HOV lanes since motorcycles are considered "high occupancy" with only one person on them. (It makes some sense: If you have a 4 seat car, and fill half the seats with 2 people, you're considered a high occupancy vehicle. On a motorcycle, there are two seats, and if you fill one of them, you've also filled half the seats, and are considered a high occupancy vehicle. (But what does this mean for two-seat sports cars, eh? Maybe we need a "passenger per wheel" ratio or something.))

Today has been obnoxious so far, but that's just freakin' Mondays for you. Last night at about 10pm, I discovered a nice fast leak in one of my car's tires. (It conveniently waited until 10pm on a Sunday to manifest. :P) I'd pump it up to full, and ten minutes later it's dead flat again. So I got up early this morning, pumped up the tire with my 12v inflater I keep in the trunk, and raced around to tire shops. The first tire shop I went to didn't have any tires that would fit my rims, and was saying three days to order them. Well, I kinda need to get to work TODAY, you know... The second place (Tire Source in Boulder) was great though. They had two lightly used tires that fit my rims, so I had them replace both back tires, since both were worn to the cord, and had cracking sidewalls. The bill came to an exorbidant $58, including labor. Least expensive rubber I've ever bought! But when I tried to pay them, the transaction was declined. WTF? Since my car was up on the lift, I had to walk to the branch bank, there to learn that they had cancelled my debit card. Thankfully, the bank did allow me to get some of the $1600 in my account to pay the tire shop with, even without a valid debit card.

So after this little adventure I got to work way late, like 10:15. Then when I got here I noticed that my computer had no mouse. We just built the machine ourselves late last week, and forgot the mouse. I'd been using my laptop mouse the last two work days, but I didn't bring the laptop bag today because I thought I wouldn't need it. (I had totally kicked ass last week making our wireless net available and secure, as well as getting Windows file shares to work through one of our double-layered NAT firewalls so the office laptops could access the shares wirelessly.) Well, I didn't need the laptop, true. But the mouse would have been nice. So I had to mouselessly pull up a web browser and find the nearest CompUS(eless)A. MapQuest is surprisingly difficult to navigate when you can't point or click. Finally found the nearest one a few miles south down Colorado Blvd, drove down, swiped another one of those excellent corded optical MS mice that I use with my notebook (these things are a steal at $19), and fought lunch rush traffic back.

So now it's 11:30, and I'm broke and hungry but without an ATM card to get any cash, and I got up at 7, but I haven't done a single bit of billable work yet!

And you know what the worst thing is? I'M NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE HERE TODA...

No, wait. That's not it...

Bah, Mondays!

Yeah, that's it. (G)
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