Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

"Boomers and you - a winning combination for a safe tomorrow!"

You may remember when I wrote about the HRP-2 previously. Well, it's back. And this time it wants to fetch your beer!

The robot’s head is equipped with improved cameras, which serve as eyes, and it incorporates a system that enables it to perceive its environment, remove any obstacles it encounters along the way, and self-correct its direction if it strays off course.

At the demonstration, a person seated at a table instructed a robot to bring him some juice. The robot communicated the command to a second robot, which then walked to the refrigerator, moving chairs out of the way as it proceeded. It opened the door of the refrigerator, retrieved a can of juice, and brought it back to the table.

The robot then went psycho, turned on the researchers, and killed them all. It rampaged out of the building, and went on a bloody tear down the Tsukuba subway line. The ADPolice arrived fifteen minutes later, and killed it with a single shot through its battery with a .50 caliber anti-aircraft gun. "We're fairly sure it's not usually going to be that easy," rookie officer Leon McNichol was quoted as saying at the scene.
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