Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

INCOMING PENGUIN!!!!! (Dives for cover.)

The penguins at the St. Louis Zoo are eager to make new friends - perhaps too eager.

A few of the cute and curious oceanic birds have launched themselves over the plexiglass wall that separates their man-made habitat from the public walkway. Several have even struck unsuspecting Zoo patrons since the new Penguin & Puffin Coast opened in May.

"We designed the exhibit to be fairly interactive," said Mike Macek, the Zoo's curator of birds. "I knew a few would jump before they became familiar with the limitations."

During the exhibit's first two months, Zoo workers would routinely arrive in the morning to find a few penguins pacing the walkway unable to get back into the exhibit.

Macek attributed the penguins' audacious behavior to the species' fearlessness and lack of intelligence.

The zoo had no comment when asked if those targeted for "penguin bombing" were employees of a certain large Redmond, Washington-based software corporation...
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