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New MEMS micro gyros.

The ADXRS gyros take advantage of the Coriolis effect by using a resonating mass analogous to the person moving out and in on a rotating platform. The mass is micromachined from polysilicon and is tethered to a polysilicon frame so that it can resonate only along one direction. To measure the Coriolis acceleration, the frame containing the resonating mass is tethered to the substrate by springs at 90° relative to the resonating motion. This figure also shows the Coriolis sense fingers that are used to capacitively sense displacement of the frame in response to the force exerted by the mass, as described further on. If the springs have a stiffness, K, then the displacement resulting from the reaction force will be 2ΩvM/K.

(If bare microchips scare you, there's usually someone selling pre-made modules.)

Gee, I wonder what uses someone could find for those...
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