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[MeFi][ISTGINMTSU] Super Columbine Massacre RPG!

The "I swear to god, I'm not making this shit up" tag hasn't appeared in a while...

That's pretty weird by itself. But even weirder we have Richard Castaldo, paralyzed from the chest down during the Columbine massacre, weighing in on this game. And he seems to think it might actually have some redeeming value.

If the killers (or anyone else for that matter) thought that what they were doing was heroic in any way they were deeply fooling themselves. People ask me all the time, "Did you know them?" And my answer is of course No, I didn’t. And I didn’t do a damn thing to either one of them. So, I think the game kinda highlights that. That there was no real rhyme or reason why specific people got killed.

Lastly, I can't resist the amusing snark from a comment at the MeFi Story:

When do I get to play the 9/11 flight simulator? I would totally be making a statement or something.
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