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Ben Cantrick
  Date: 2006-05-09 16:22
  Subject:   Yes, as I've said many times, your cell phone is a tracking device.
  Music:The Future Patriots - Jesus Built My M-16
And the cops ARE using it to track you:

Real-time tracking of cell phones is possible because mobile phones are constantly sending data to cell towers, which allows incoming calls to be routed correctly. The towers record the strength of the signal along with the side of the tower the signal is coming from. This allows the phone's position to be easily triangulated to within a few hundred yards.

he Justice Department has argued that a combination of wiretap laws governing stored communications like voicemail, plus a law that lets them learn the phone numbers people dial, allows them to track people without having probable cause.

Investigators commonly bundle a request to track cell phones with orders to capture the dialing information of incoming and outgoing calls from landline or cell phones. Those orders only require investigators to certify that the information is likely relevant to an ongoing investigation. Since most of the orders are filed under seal to prevent targets from learning they will soon be tracked, little was known of the scope of, and legal justifications for, cell tracking orders.

"What's all the fuss?" said Catholic University of America law professor Clifford Fishman. "The government has legitimate reasons to follow people. This is the technology law enforcement needs to use to get probable cause to search you, arrest you and throw you in jail."

Fishman, a former prosecutor who spent eight years prosecuting drug crimes in New York state, said it was reasonable for police to track a suspect's girlfriend to see if she would lead to his hide-out.


Right. Because if your boyfriend is a no-good slimeball, then YOU must be guilty by association as well. And therefore you have no constitutional rights. Probable cause? Hey man, we don't need an actual reason to track you by your cell phone! Come on!

Don't you people realize that the Bill Of Rights was revoked on 9/11, with your consent? Quit whining and get back to watching TV, you stupid zombies. We're the government - you're not allowed to question us or demand accountability, due process, or justice. You'll get thrown in jail without charge, deported^Wrenditioned to a gulag in a foreign country without any kind of hearing, notification or trial, tortured (possibly killed) however we like, and then you'll RE-ELECT THE PERSON WHO SUPERVISED THIS PROCESS FOR A SECOND TERM.

Because you're stupid, and you deserve what's coming to you.
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osmium_ocelot: Konoko
  User: osmium_ocelot
  Date: 2006-05-10 11:52 (UTC)
  Subject:   (no subject)
Oh, hey, and lets not forget W's appointing an Air Force General to head up the CIA. Not only is putting a military man in charge of a civilian organization a VERY BAD IDEA. But, if he's accepted, that would put all our espionage agencies under military commands. You know who else did that? Yup, that's right, _Hitler_.
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  User: (Anonymous)
  Date: 2006-05-10 23:28 (UTC)
  Subject:   Wow....
That's impressive deduction. Becaue Hitler put the military and intellegence agencies under his control, he must be like Hitler!

(BTW, he will be the sixth active duty head of the CIA... All of the previous CIA officers reported directly to the president, he will report to the DnI instead)
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  User: osmium_ocelot
  Date: 2006-05-11 00:49 (UTC)
  Subject:   Re: Wow....
If that were the only thing that made him like Hitler, I wouldn't draw the parallel. The VAST number of similarities however just cries out for the comparison to be made. Mostly those similarities lie in the continuing concentration of political power in one branch of government, the amazing similarities in propaganda machines, and the subtle yet continuous undermining of the populace's basic rights under the rule of law.

When millions of innocents lie dead in the Middle East because his ideology follows this (and I quote here) : `I base a lot of my foreign-policy decisions on some things I think are true, ` he [Bush] said. `One, I believe there’s an Almighty. And, secondly, I believe one of the great gifts of the Almighty is the desire in everybody’s soul, regardless of what you look like, or where you live, to be free. `; will you say the comparison is apt? Because don't forget, this is the administration that has been making plans to use Tac Nukes on Iran.

Of course, there are also numerous comparisons to be made to the Roman Empire just before it's fall; among other things. But I prefer to label a pseudo fascist dictator with an appelation that is fitting.
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  User: osmium_ocelot
  Date: 2006-05-11 00:57 (UTC)
  Subject:   Re: Wow....
(BTW, he will be the sixth active duty head of the CIA... All of the previous CIA officers reported directly to the president, he will report to the DnI instead)

Regardless, everyone I know (this includes a retired Air Force officer with 22 years in the service and a veteran of the CIA with better than 20 years in counter terrorism) thinks it is a Very Bad Idea to put a military man in charge of the CIA; as do I.

It is also a Very Bad Idea to put military personelle in charge of domestic and or foreign civilian intelligence operations; regardless of who has or has not done so before.
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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
  User: osmium_ocelot
  Date: 2006-05-11 11:56 (UTC)
  Subject:   Re: Wow....
Actually, the CIA is supposed to be in charge of foreign espionage (shared with the NSA but they work independently). Having a DNI is fairly pointless, as it is simply adding another layer of beurocratic BS onto an already bloated beast.

And regardless the CIA is a civilian intelligence operation. It shouldn't be run by a military person. The military has its own intelligence agencies. There are reasons these things were set up seperately, and they're good reasons. If the government wants to take out walls and open up communication between agencies, then they ought to do the simple and smart thing : dissolve all the intelligence agencies and make one bigass intelligence agency that answers to one guy who's got deputies in charge of X branch of operations.
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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
  User: osmium_ocelot
  Date: 2006-05-11 00:51 (UTC)
  Subject:   Re: As a random aside... Other then not posting about politics
Perhaps I need to brush up on my WWII history again.

Sometimes I speak in outrage before I've covered all my bases. It is a flaw that I try to keep in check, but obviously I'm not always successful.
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