Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

Funny little life.

So today at lunch, I got a surprise. My cell phone rings. The caller ID doesn't look familiar, but I've yet to get a telemarketer call so I always pick it up if I'm not busy. Turns out it's this random guy from Pennsylvania, mckavian! He saw my cell number in my LJ userinfo and probably said, "No way did that guy actually put his REAL phone number up!" Well yes actually, I did! It's funny, in three years (okay, 2 years, eleven months) nobody has ever both A) noticed the number and B) called me. I suppose that's exactly why I put the number there. Because nobody notices, and nobody bothers me if they do notice. If a buncha random people start calling me all the time, I'll have to take the number down. But once every 3 years? I think I can handle that.

While we were talking, mckavian said something like, "Don't worry, I won't hit on you or anything." And I was like, "Well, yeah - I mean what do you think this is, MySpace??" ;]

The other thing, I suppose, is that being A) 30 B) male and C) having a gun in the house I'm pretty much already scarier than anyone who might consider cyber-stalking me. Though, I seem to remember a time years back when I posted exact directions to my (then) apartment on USENET... and I didn't own a gun then. So maybe I've just always been a total nutball. ;]

So anyway, I added him and scarybaldguy on his advice. We'll see if they post interesting enough stuff to stay on my friends list. I'm pretty brutal about cutting back the friends list. I know LJ has some way I can have people on my friends list but not read their journal by default. Custom Friends View or Default Friends View or something like that. But thus far I've been too busy and/or too lazy to go to that trouble.

In other news of the personal and trivial, I'm really starting to like Marilith again. I wasn't sure that I liked the new artist, and I still the old style for faces better, but all in all I'm really enjoying it as "GunSmith Cats++". I think I may start referring to impossible tasks as "more than eight bullet" problems.
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