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[MeFi] Mortgage is the new marriage!

The original plan of Alexis Tjian and Rob Madison was to start thinking about marriage after she finished college. Both were in their late twenties, deeply committed, and sharing an Emeryville loft with their two dogs. Most of their coupled friends had already hitched up, and after nearly two years of dating they figured they'd take the plunge, too.

So they took it - into a Realtor's office.

Like a lot of young couples in the real-estate-obsessed Bay Area, Alexis and Rob's biological clock was chiming "Buy a House" much louder than it was tolling "Get Married." In a soaring real-estate market, the wedding could wait. "The bottom line is, around here, I felt more pressure to buy a house and find a place to live than to find a wife," says Rob, a 29-year-old bartender and budding contractor. "I figured if I didn't buy now, by the time I was 35 a regular house would cost us, what, $2 million?"
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