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[Digg] More on the E3 war on booth-babes.

Her name is Kasey Poteet. Thirty six years old, she lives in LA. And she loves to dress as Wonder Woman.

"Well, I'm a big comic geek - I host a comic book show for MusicPlus (which is what I'm here for). Also, when I do public events, I wear costumes. I've worn this costume before and I chose it for this event because they have big posters of Wonder Woman in there. In fact, I wore longer pants just to be on the safe side."

Checking out the Wonder Woman poster in E3, it actually appeared that the woman in the poster was showing more skin than Ms. Kasey Poteet. We pressed for details. Were there any cleavage issues here?

"No, they didn't say anything about my cleavage. They just said my shorts were too short", she lamented.

"We checked the rules - there's nothing for media, so we went by the Booth Babe rules - and it only says bikini bottoms not allowed. And I wore stockings, so it's not really naked flesh there."

I don't get it. I just do not understand. And just in case you had some doubt left that there might be some semblance of logic to all this, E3 took away the badges of her co-host (3 piece suit) and camera-man (long sleeved sweatshirt, sweatpants) too.

They had every reason to throw her out for being so underdressed. Everybody knows Wonder Woman wears a TIARA!!!


Between E3 kicking her out and AnimeExpo foaming at the mouth over Man-Faye in 2k5, this has been a sad time for people who like to cosplay.

Can we please stop picking on the freaks? I can't see what harm they're doing, and frankly these events would be a hell of a lot less amusing without them.

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