Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

Freddy vs. Jason was okay.

Don't pay full price. But still, it was a fun ride. There were some cheesy moments, of course - hell, it wouldn't be a crossover movie or a Freddy movie or Jason movie without that. The editing was fairly good, I wasn't bored and it went fairly quickly. The Jason "Jay" Mewes spoof character and the Freddy Alice in Wonderland caterpiller were actually pretty funny. I find Freddy more terrifying, but the inner social reject geek in me enjoys seeing Jason kill the popular kids more overall. ;]

The song playing during the credits was a tune by the band Killswitch Engage, who I saw live at the Ogden about a month ago. I am more firmly convinced than ever that the Og's sound system could ruin any band. The song I heard in the theater may not have been the most ass-kicking thing in the world, but it was miles better than what I heard at the Ogden. I was surprised to notice in the credits that Type O Negative also had a song on the soundtrack. I'll have to give it a listen and see if it's any good.

There was a preview for Underworld before the movie. I hope it doesn't suck, but it probably will. I want it to be what Blade II should have been...

BTW - Katharine Isabelle. Rwwworr! (She plays Gibb, the drinker/smoker with the jerk boyfriend.)
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