Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

Taos, part 1.

Taos is an interesting little town. Well, it's USUALLY little. Right now I have a feeling that the nominal population of ~7k is swelled quite a lot by all the turistas here. Apparently it's somewhat of an artist's haven. My mom and step-dad have plans to go see Ghost Ranch, where Georgia O'Keefe did much of her work.

We're staying at a bed and breakfast called the Brooks Street Inn, which is about one block uphill from the art gallery/turista district. We had dinner at a little place called the Apple Tree restaurant. If you're ever in Taos and can get a table, I recommend it. The Shrimp Bruschetta was awesome.

Getting here was a bit of a chore. The plan was to ride down here (~375 mi from Boulder) on our motorcycles, but the weather has been rainy, and as a result when I went to get my motorcycle, the control panel had shorted out. I had no speedo, no tach, and no odometer or trip counter. Since most motorcycles don't have fuel gauges, without an odo you stand a good chance of running out of gas. So I kicked the @#$% malfunctioning bike in the tail and played lag-behind with my biker parents all the way to Taos in my Civic.

I'll try and get some pictures up sooner or later. I didn't pack my laptop because I was convinced I wouldn't have space on the bike. Oh irony... The big problem will be finding a computer I can load my digicam's USB drivers on. In addition to pics of the area, we're going to see the pow-wow at the Taos Pueblo this evening, so maybe I can get some cool shots of that.

In Taos, the only place to get net access if you don't have a WiFi laptop is a surprisingly hip little Cybercafe called WIRED. $4 per half hour to use their computers if you're laptopless as I am. And I'm almost at the end of my time, so I'm logging off.

Hasta luego, muchachos!
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