Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

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[MeFi] Industrial pics by Joe Nishizawa

Nishizawa-san, flipping through the pages of your book “Deep Inside” one gets sucked into this technical-magic-wonderland. I can’t believe that those places actually look like that - better than any CG setting I have ever seen. Bladerunner would simply be jeallous! Even the lighting is perfect in pink and green!

Oh no, absolutely no computer graphics involved in these photos. That’s essentially what those places look like - for example one right below Hibiya Junction. Lightings and everything is just captured as it was there - I didn’t even use a flashlight! It’s magic: you first hear the car noises on the ground level and as you descend slowly, suddenly, this vast and silent space unfolds in front of you.
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