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Deja Vu was created in the lab!! - Adventures in Engineering — LiveJournal
The wanderings of a modern ronin.

Ben Cantrick
  Date: 2006-07-26 19:50
  Subject:   Deja Vu was created in the lab!!
Two key processes are thought to occur when someone recognizes a familiar object or scene. First, the brain searches through memory traces to see if the contents of that scene have been observed before. If they have, a separate part of the brain then identifies the scene or object as being familiar. In deja vu, this second process may occur by mistake, so that a feeling of familiarity is triggered by a novel object or scene.


Conspiracy theory buffs, start your theories....
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Coinneach Fitzpatrick: Sad bunny
  User: scarybaldguy
  Date: 2006-07-26 21:35 (UTC)
  Subject:   (no subject)
Keyword:Sad bunny
Frankly, I'm more concerned about the double bang in your post title. My overtired head meat translated the first one as an i, and extrapolated to "labia."

Feel free to draw your own conclusions from this.
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Ben Cantrick
  User: mackys
  Date: 2006-07-27 00:43 (UTC)
  Subject:   (no subject)
My conclusion is that you need to get laid more. ;]

Not really news, eh?
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  User: nickhalfasleep
  Date: 2006-07-27 00:45 (UTC)
  Subject:   (no subject)
Why do I feel like I've seen this article before?
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