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I need an intervention...

Please, everyone, tell me that I need to not be buying toys when I'm so close to killing off my credit card debt.

Christ, I'm like a frikkin' crazy cat lady, except with swords! I've already got two junkblades, a bokken, a shinai, and a foam whacker sitting up on my bookshelf.


(I mean really, I should be saving my money for one of Howard Clark's L-6 bainite/martensite blades, anyway...)

Edit: After a lot of further research, it looks like most of these mid-grade Hanwei katanas pretty much suck. The only one I like much is the Tsunami, that's basically a lipsticked-pig version of the Wind & Thunder. It would be a decent blade for $250. At $700 it's a major, major ripoff. :P

The Bugei Crane katana is not bad, but it's more than even I can justify spending on a sword toy. The Hanwei Bushido kat is decent as well, but I just don't like the aesthetics - I'd have to custom build a new tsuka and stuff for it. And if I'm going to do that, I'll just buy a bare blade and save myself the expense and trouble of buying stuff that I'm just going to throw away.

Maybe I can find one of these used on EBay for a decent price...
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