Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

Think I found my sword...

Length is just about right. Quality is supposed to be good (notice the dual-pegged handle). I like the aesthetics (nice chu-o-kissaki) reasonably. It competes well with a Paul Chen "Practical Plus" on price. There were some reasonably good reviews (if a bit unsophisticated) at

I don't particularly like the bo-hi (spine groove to lighten the blade; also weakens it slightly). Blade is a bit wide for my taste, and doubtless little niku. I'm sure the polish and blade finish is not what it could be. I'd prefer traditional cotton wrappings on the handle instead of suede. But for the price I won't complain one bit about any of these. I would complain about how apparently a couple years ago they were using fake rayskin beneath the handle wrappings, and also made the fuchi (top handle collar) out of horn instead of metal so it was breaking under heavy use. But both these are apparently corrected now. It's not a folded blade, but with modern steel chemistry and the ability of swordsmiths to buy chemically uniform steel billets with precisely the carbon content they want, there's no real need to fold blades any more.

It's still a bit of a beater, but that's exactly what I'm after. If I was going to get a really great sword, I'd be buying a Bugei Dragonfly, or just calling up Howard Clark for an L6 super-kat. This is a pretty good compromise. I can still cut tatami (or even thistles), but if I screw up and break the sword because I suck (which I do), then it's not a thousand dollars down the tubes.

These seem to be a pretty tough sword to find. Usual web searches didn't turn up anything; it took several days of looking. IW should maybe spend some more money on advertising. Well, right after I get mine, natch! Cuz if these were better known, they'd probably be able to charge a lot more for them...
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