Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

[PS&W] Strategy and Karl Rove.

Robert Greene has given us another excellent shot of his strategy blog, this time all about our good friend Karl Rove.

The NeoCons have been very quiet for the two previous months. I believe they were saving their energies and preparing for the coming "September surprise" - which will actually be a barrage of events, not a single event - designed to deliver as many Republican votes as possible during the upcoming Congressional elections. You can be sure Rove is at the helm of this effort. The recent TERRAH! stories appearing in the news (and feverishly swallowed whole by the usual neocon echo-chambers) are classic Rovian bullshit, intended to both frighten and distract the 60-odd percent of idiot, xenophobic rednecks who elected Bush a second time. The same drooling morons who still believe that Iraq has or had weapons of mass destruction.

The Democrats, as always, are deer in the headlights. I admire the efforts of the people at, but they are pissing in the wind. Neither facts nor ideology win elections any more; knee-jerk reactionary jingoism does. And Rove is a master of exploiting people's knee-jerk reactionism. Read the Atlantic Monthly piece that Greene links from his blog entry for a fascinating look at this strategically masterful and tremendously amoral man.

I'm tempted to suggest using Rove's own tactics against him....

Rove assails the opponent's strongest point, their center where they feel invulnerable. Rove's center is his ability to motivate the faction I will call "redneck voters". (For example, the increasing percentage of people who still believe that Iraq had WMDs when we invaded). The columns that support that center are National Security and Conservative Values. We need to to go on the offensive, and attack these pillars.

First, I think we should turn the national security argument right around on him. And go straight to nasty, as Rove himself often does.

"If you're so anti-terrorist, how come Osama bin Laden, the man who knocked down the World Trade Towers, cost us 3000 lives, and successfully executed the biggest terrorist attack in all of American history, isn't dead yet? Why haven't you ACTUALLY done your job and defended the United States of America? Are you incompetent, or just plain stupid?"

"If you're so anti rogue-state, why the hell haven't you dealt with North Korea yet? They have nukes and everyone damn well knows it. Kim Jong Il is a certifiable lunatic and everyone damn well knows it. They HAVE THE GODDAMN MISSLES and they just shot one over Japan. What are you doing about him besides sending him another multi-billion dollar aide package? Are you a goddamn COWARD??"

There are many reasonable arguments to be made that the things the NeoCons have done are in fact decreasing the security of the USA, not increasing it. If the Democrats want to have any chance of winning an election for the fucking county dog-catcher, they're going to have to make those arguments.

To knock him down a peg on Conservative Values, I'd say we snatch another one of his favorite tactics: Start a whisper campaign that he's gay. Or, taking Goebbels statement that "the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it", take this to the absurd extreme and spread rumors that he fucks sheep or similiar allegations of bestiality.

Rove must have other personal skeletons in his closet as well. For instance, he's been divorced and remarried. There's got to be some way to spin that into an attack on him.

Rove's last major strength is in targeting close races, and moving swing voters over to his side. I am not well versed in political campaign strategy, and I haven't done the research to know exactly how he accomplishes these things. So I have no idea how to go head to head with him here.

But I don't think any of this will really help, to be quite honest. The "essential truth" as I see it is not that Americans are scared, or worried of terrah!!-ist attacks, or similiar concerns. The essential truth as I see it is that the American electorate was very much in favor of going to "kill us some ragheads!!" regardless of the reason why - or lack thereof. And so the NeoCons will stay in power for the exact same reason they were elected in the first place. America wants a leader who will go out and stomp on people for no reason - because it makes us feel big and powerful by proxy. Plus, invading places the average redneck can't find on a map is the modern day equivalent of the "circus" from the old Roman "bread and circuses."

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