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[Digg] Cell phone screens suck for watching TV. Well, duh!

According to a Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg survey, the kids these days, they're not all that enthralled with watching video on their cell phones and other small screen devices.

Only 14 percent of teens say they want to watch TV on cell phones, and only a few percent more say they'd watch on an iPod. That's compared to 40% who say they're willing to watch video content on the internet.

The kids who were surveyed said they had two major problems. Mobile video content costs too much, and the quality is not good enough, either because of a poor streaming experience, or low resolution.

Oh, you mean it's NOT fun to watch a crappy quality video on a screen the size of four postage stamps? That took a week to download?? Shocker!!

The Cell phone companies have spent a lot of money building data infrasturcture into their wireless networks. Now they're desperately looking for some way to make money off it. If they'd offer reasonably priced internet access (i.e. not $60/mo more on top of my already outrageous $30/mo voice plan, Verizon!) they'd have more customers than they'd know what to do with. But they're control freaks who only want to let you use The Internets *their* way. Only text messaging. Only overpriced ringtones. Only emailing your pictures out through their server. And you can bet you'll be paying by the kilobyte of data transferred for all of these.

This a bad deal, and people know it.

It stands in stark contrast to what made 'Nets connectivity so popular in the first place. Even when we were all still using modems, it was flat rate payment, eat all you can bandwidth, connect to anyone, anytime, any way you like. Want to leave your connection up all night to download a big file? Fine, go for it. I think it may have been Vint Cerf who said that if the telcos wanted to compete on net access, they have to give the customer what they want: simple "dumb pipes" that concentrate on moving whatever data we choose as fast as possible, without any attempt to interfere with the content on either a marketing or morality basis. He said this before DSL came out, and he was right then. I think he's right again today. See, the game hasn't really changed. Only the venue.
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