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Adventures in Engineering
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Ben Cantrick
  Date: 2006-09-04 00:56
  Subject:   Best cheap shell acct/web hosting?
It's about time I got some real web hosting. nickhalfasleep suggested http://www.LiNode.com, and they do look pretty good. Maybe a tad pricy at $240/yr though.

Google found me this page: http://www.top10webhosting.com/

And I can't freaking believe what I'm seeing on it. http://www.HostMonster.com: $4/mo for 50 gigs of disk and a terrabyte of bandwidth? Holy crap, it really is 2006 isn't it?? I have to wonder how long they'll be around, though - I mean you'd think just replacing failed hard disks would easily bankrupt them at a rate of $4/mo/user.

To be specific, what I want is basically the same things I'm getting out of KaosOL now:

1) A Unix shell login (SSH pref) so I can read my mail with "elm" or "mutt." (Yeah I'm old-fashioned, sue me.) POP/IMAP would be nice, but I'm only going to use them when I'm on vacations. The ability to make temporary throw-away email addresses would also be nice, but I know what http://www.tempinbox.com is, so it's not a big deal.

2) Web space hosting. I don't care if I have my own domain or not. I just want a place to put images, HTML files, and other stuff. CGI is not required, but it'd be nice. I would like FTP access, but I can get around that by using SSH's "scp" program to copy stuff over SSH. FTP is just faster and easier.

3) If it can clock in under $100/yr, that'd be great. I will be buying in yearly increments.

Given those criteria, off the top of your head, what do you think would be the best web hosting service I could buy? Any and all opinions welcome...

(Right now http://www.advancednetworkhosts.com/webhosting/megaplan.htm is looking damn good and http://startlogic.com/products_prologic.html looks pretty good...)
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  User: nickhalfasleep
  Date: 2006-09-05 01:04 (UTC)
  Subject:   (no subject)
try nickhosting! set yer own rates! first month free!
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