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Point-Counterpoint: Sex and the City.

The Onion

Point-Counterpoint: Sex And The City

It's not a chick flick.

By Mike Rothermel

I am starting up a regular schedule of HBO's Sex And The City show at my house on Wednesday nights. Last week, we did a trial run and it went pretty well, so I want to do it again, on an every other week basis.

Basicially, its just a bunch of friends getting together with a couple bottles of wine, apetizers, snacks, etc... Then piling up in front of the TV to catch up on the latest episodes of Sex and The City, nothing too late or crazy.

The show is very good and very addictive. You dont have to know anything about the show to jump in and start watching it. Guys and girls both like the show - no, its not a "chick flick".

Sex And The City is such a damn chick flick.

By Ben Cantrick

Can we please be serious for a second here? This is a show where four completely unrealisticaly gorgeous women, who are all uber-successful Manhattan socialites, sit around each other's half-million dollar apartments and talk. They talk for hours on end. Mostly they agonize over the fact that, despite having slept with all of three guys in their lives, they are bad, dirty girls for having had sex - ever.

Also, the show is written by a gay man.

If this isn't your definition of a chick flick, then what is?

I'm not saying it's a bad show - never having seen an episode, I don't know. Nor am I saying that chick flicky stuff is necessarily devoid of worth simply because it's chick flicky. I enjoyed Sweet Home Alabama even though it was a total chick flick.

But let's not kid ourselves here. Sex And The City is such a damn chick flick it hurts.

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